Our history dates back to 1952, when Dutch immigrant families living in the community had a desire to gather, wanting to hear the Word of God. They shared similar struggles as immigrant families and attending church provided a way to connect. Struggles and joys were shared, heard and prayed for.

    In 1968, by God's grace, we were able to build in our current location, which is locally referred to as "The Church on the Hill".

    Our church became too small for our numbers, so Lucknow CCRC planted a daughter church in Kincardine, 1978.

    An addition was constructed in 2000, which gave our church accessibility to all members.

    In 2014, we experienced a fire in our sanctuary and were forced to relocate for many months while restoration took place. During this time we were incredibly blessed by the community churches in Lucknow who opened their doors so we could continue with our weekly church services and programs.

    This little church has an amazing ability to pivot and be flexible no matter the circumstance. Through the pandemic in 2020/21, we continued to meet without interruption, moving to online services during lockdowns and learning quickly how to provide this way of connection for our members, and community. We practiced social distancing and followed provincial safety guidelines. Members returned to in-person Sunday worship when we were able. We continue to offer livestreaming for those who cannot attend in person.

    Looking back, it is awesome to see how far our church has come.
    We see hope for a future.

    In 2022, we celebrated our 70th Anniversary as a testament to God’s faithfulness.

    We started as an immigrant church. Over the years we've become part of Lucknow and can happily say while our Dutch roots are still there, we have grown beyond our immigrant beginnings, with our congregation now representing the economic and ethnic makeup of our community.

    Members resoundingly agreed that we are a church who has the gift of song. Often on a warm Sunday morning, when windows are open, the church on the hill can be heard singing their hearts out in praise.

    Members cherish memories of significant life events such as baptisms, professions of faith and weddings. We know how to have fun, and this has been displayed during potlucks, picnics, church camping, church anniversaries, and Sea to Sea fundraisers. Many members look back fondly on Candlelight services, the year we produced a Christmas play. Most members remember a time when they have been a recipient of care, through food/meals, prayer, and visits during joyful and difficult times. We take care of each other.

    Our members reminisce about their time participating in many church programs such as Sunday school, VBS, cadets/gems, youth group, bible studies, and coffee break. Some members recall the initial construction of the church building, renovations over the years, installation of the elevator, and the restoration work after the fire in 2014.

    We are part of each other's lives while here on earth,
    and members report that coming to this building
    "feels like home”.